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"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" -Jer. 32:27


Bibel Baptistförsamlingen in Jönköping, Sweden: http://bbf.se 

Church Blog: bibelbaptistjonkoping.blogspot.se

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My Music:

Here is a link to some of the music I have written!


My Story:

Hej! My name is Melissa Carlson and I moved to Sweden in January 2011!

I am living in the city of Jönköping - a city about 3 1/2 hours SW of Stockholm in the NW part of the province of Småland. A beautiful city, Jönköping is located at the base of scenic Lake Vättern, Sweden's second largest lake.  

Jönkoping is large, but not overwhelming. With a population of about 60,000 (125,000 if you count the greater Jönköping area), it has the perks of city life with the added charm of the countryside nearby! It is also a university town, drawing students from all over the world.

While here, I am working with Ron and Inga Neely - veteran workers in Sweden for over 30 years. I am serving alongside them at Bibel Baptist Församlingen (Bible Baptist Assembly), where their ministry includes church services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, street evangelism, etc.

I will be primarily helping with women's ministry, children's ministry (Bible clubs, etc), and music ministry! Overall, it is my desire to be a real help and encouragement to the Neelys and their ministry in whatever way I can!

I am very excited about being a part of this work!

So please pray for the ministries in Jönköping! Pray that the Light of the Gospel would shine into the hearts of the people in Sweden!

To God be the glory!


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